What Happened To Teen SIM Card Registration?

This was in January 2014. I wonder what happened?

The Communications Commission of Kenya had hinted at commencing registration of teenagers to have SIM cards in a move set to weed out mobile phone fraud. CCK hinted starting of Sim card registration among teenagers who would undergo the process using their parent’s identification card.

Apparently the move by the commission was targeted at weeding out mobile fraud among Kenyans and for the government to collect accurate data on subscribers as well. The teens would have their Sim cards registered under their names but would however have to be in the company of their parent/guardian who will  be rendered liable for all activities carried out using the sim cards.

For us in youth marketing, the registration of teens goes far beyond weeding out mobile fraud. The possibilities are endless; from remote m-learning to in-school m-commerce. And for the telecom’s it’s an opportunity to stimulate stagnating growth by tapping into an entirely new consumer market. Exciting times are yet to come.

Source: NTV, TechMoran


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